Ministry & Music Commendations

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“I can highly recommend Jesse Cann, first and most importantly as a man of God and one who daily pursues a deep relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Secondly, Jesse has been blessed and gifted with tremendous musical talent. He has written a wide variety of Christian music, has directed church choirs and worship teams, has a great voice and plays outstanding piano, keyboards and trumpet.”
Tom Martin, Worship Leader and Elder, Rockville Bible Church, Fairfield, CA

“It is a great pleasure for me to endorse the ministry of a dear fellow minister, Jesse Cann. To say you will be blessed by this gifted singer, songwriter, musician, and teacher is an understatement, for Jesse’s personal testimony and ministry are truly unique. And his testimony, expressed with lyrics and melodies born deep in his own soul, will be like a gently spiritual hand shaking you back to a loving remembrance of what God has done in you, and what He can do in others. He has ministered here at Bethel Assembly in our Men’s Ministries Saturday Fellowship, and in our Sunday services as well. This brother has a heart of worship.”
Pastor David Keaton, Bethel Assembly of God, Salem, VA

“Jesse brings to his music great talent and creativity. And through the songs he sings the Christian gospel is communicated with clarity and force. There is no missing the message—it is one of hope and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesse has my vote of confidence and whole-hearted recommendation. Without a doubt, he is one of the new voices whose music should be heard.”
Rev. Stan Way, Cornerstone Christian Church, Medford, OR

“I have known Jesse Cann for over 15 years. He has served our congregation as a music director and has done concerts for us. His ministry has always been well received and has been a great encouragement to our people. Jesse’s music is God-centered, gospel-driven, full of Biblical content and Spirit-anointed. I highly recommend Jesse’s concert ministry.”
Dr. Dave Eby, Senior Pastor, North City Presbyterian Church, San Diego, CA